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9/16 Two Top Ruritans

MMPW enjoying the Parade of Tractors

and the Truck & Tractor Pull

8/5 Cumberland Valley

Volunteer Firemens Assoc Parade

McConnellsburg, PA

Photos by Denny Clopper

7/14 MMPW Activity Center Renovations

7/12 Pierce Manufacturing

Appleton, Wisconsin

6/29 MMPW Activity Center Renovations


05/29 Memorial Day Parade

Parade Ready!

04.27 FDIS Expo

03.28 Training

Fracture Immobilization and Splinting


Signing the contract for the new engine

Curtis Bryan was in the house!

2016 Awards Banquet

Judge Eyer
Master of Ceremonies

DJ Jeremy Smiley and his wife, Felicia

Thanks to our standby crews
and Ernest Market for the delicious food!!

Commander of the American Legion Post 517, Barbara McLaren
presents Fire Board President, Jeff Main with a check for $1000

MMPW Board of Directors

Ben Martin, John Rice, Jeff Main, Greg Weller,

Doug Rice, Sam Rotz, Harold Carbaugh,

Tiffany Stoner and Donnie Keefer

MMPW Fire Operations Officers

Dale Carbaugh, Jeff Main, Greg Weller,
Trevor Carbaugh, Rodney Grenke and Danielle Carbaugh

MMPW EMS Officers

Susan McCracken and Doug Rice
(Absent, Asst Chief Jerry Proctor)

MMPW Fire Police

Ben Martin, Harvey Seville, Herb Myers,

Ed Meyers, Jack Martin, John Snider and Darren Whitlock

Fire Chief Dale Carbaugh

MMPW Firemen's Relief Association

Tammy Carbaugh, Ben Martin, Bill Sanders,

John Rice, Jeff Main and Doug Rice

(Absent Joel Bradnick and Jon Bender)

Life Memberships

Mervin Frey and Darla Robonson

(Darla was not able to attend)

President's Appreciation Award

Carole Carbaugh

President's Award

Tammy Carbaugh

Top Responders - Fire

Rodney Grenke, Danielle Carbaugh,
Jeff Main, Trevor Carbaugh and Ronnie Bryan

Fire Chief's Award

Rodney Grenke

John Rice

Top EMS Responders

Doug Rice, Samantha Martin, Ben Shank,

Molly Grissinger, Katelyn North,

Trevor Carbaugh and Tiffany Stoner

EMS Appreciation Awards
Josh Kriner and Tammy Carbaugh


EMS Chief's Award was awarded to Jerry Proctor
and EMT of the Year to Melissa Berecin.

Unfortunately nether of them could attend.


EHSF Clinical Save Awards

Dave Mentzer, Samantha Martin and Cody Lynch

Fire Police Captain, Ed Meyers

Fire Police Top Responders

Darren Whitlock, Ben Martin, Harvey Seville,

John Snider and Ed Meyers


Three generations of the Carbaugh family

proudly serving the community


12-30 How many people does it take

to refill DEF fluid?


12-18 Santa's Toybox

The crew stopped at Milky Way for

a treat after delivering toys!!



12-10 Santa's in the house!!