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Fire Safety


Smoke Detectors

Make sure you have at least one working smoke detector on every floor of your house.  Replace the batteries with new ones at least one time per year, and occasionally test the smoke detectors.  Also, be extremely careful with candles and with live cigarette butts.


Post Your Address

Contact us if you need an address number sign.  See details below.


Have a Plan

If you live in a house of more than one story, make sure you have safety ladders that can be deployed from windows in the upper stories if necessary.  Have a plan for your family in the event of a fire including having an agreed upon meeting place to ensure everyone is out safely.

Important Information about How to Post Your Address Number

If your house is not clearly marked, it might take us longer to find you.  In the event of a life-or-death emergency, those extra minutes can make all the difference.

Ensure that your address number is posted at the end of the driveway that leads directly to your home.  If there are multiple residence that are accessed by a single private lane, the private lane should have a name sign posted, and your address should still be posted at YOUR driveway.  If your house or building is close to another, then also post the house number or apartment designation directly on the building in a large format that can be easily seen by emergency personnel.

Please clearly mark your houses and driveways!  Help us help you!

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